Continues Minor in Bucharest – Europe Minor Championship – Boston 2018, in which the two best teams receive 1 spot for the qualification ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – Offline Qualifier. Today played Group A, in which the venerable clubs were also opposed by newcomers. Among the latter and the club Windigo Gaming, which is sponsored by our company. Unfortunately, our players could not reach the Playoff tournament, losing in 2 games against EnVyUs and GODSENT. In the match Team EnVyUs vs Windigo Gaming, the hero of the fight was the captain of the French Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer (Vincent Cervoni Schopenhauer). This match the teams played up to 1 victory Bo1 and in overtime the French won the class de_cobble 19-15. Happy himself made 40 kills and 21 headshots, but in the camp of the Bulgarians the best was niki1 with the results of 28 kills and 16 headshots. In general, Windigo played exactly – 3 key players showed the class, making 25 kills and above.
With the hero of the fight in the camp Team EnVyUs offer to get acquainted in a personal interview, which he gave to the publication of HLTV. The portal of transparent bets on eSports offers you the selected places of this conversation. Earlier we published interviews with the players and coach of the Samsung Galaxy team on the eve of the Grand Final with SKT at the 2017 World Cup.

I will start with the sensations on the eve of Minor – you were originally among the favorites of the tournament. At least one of. When you arrived in Bucharest, what was the mood in the team and how did you ultimately make the game?

Happy: Actually, we did not really talk about this tournament, because we had the business, we say softly, not very much. Although personally, I, of course, thought about this Minor, because having lost the last tournament, we had a chance.
I do not think that we are clear favorites for this tournament, primarily because we fought on LANs for the last 6 months and fought mostly against the lower-level teams. And this is no disrespect to these teams, it’s just that we have really difficult times. Of course, we can also lose on LANE against top-tier teams. For example, on ESL One: New York 2017 we played with SK Gaming 12-16. But against teams with unfamiliar players, we have certain troubles.

Tell me about the preparation for Minor. Did you find out information about the participants? If you take teams, not from your group OpTic Gaming and Space Soldiers, can they be considered as favorites?

Happy: We knew that we were going to the game against the former ex-Outlaws team (now the Windigo Gaming club is sponsoring We already played with them in qualifying and lost to them in the first match on the same card.
So, of course, we were preparing. But we did not have enough time. We need consistency in the game and we play more confidently when we are familiar with the opponent.

Yuri Donchenko