Continues the group round of European Minor in Bucharest Europe Minor Championship – Boston 2018. Yesterday played Group A, in which a worthy game was shown by our wards team Windigo Gaming (formerly ex-Outlaws). Despite the defeat in 2 matches, the Windigo Gaming team (sponsored by fiercely fought for victory points with the French club Team EnVyUs and the Swedish team GODSENT.
Today, Group B plays in which among the favorites experts call OpTic Gaming and the Turkish club Space Soldiers. OpTic has already recouped, beating in 2 games. And the Turks will play the decisive match for the 2nd place in the group, after the won fight with eXtatus. We offer you an interview with captain Space Soldiers Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli, given in the margins of Minor to the journalist of HLTV. Portal fair betting on eSports, as always the first, gives you the main quotes of this conversation. Earlier we published an interview with the captain of Team EnVyUs Happy.

Considering the history of duels Space Soldiers, you have never before fallen into the qualifications of Major. What was the overall mood in the team before the start of Minor?

MAJ3R: Now, this year, we feel very confident. By the way, this is my first Minor. We are growing month by month, playing better and better. We arrived here with a confident attitude and hope this year to qualify for the Major. This is our main goal.

How did you prepare for this tournament? Considering in detail the teams that are playing here, can you call me a favorite, along with Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming?

MAJ3R: Of course, the favorites for winning this qualification for Major are EnVyUs and OpTic. This is without a doubt. But I, as a captain, looked through the demos of these teams and I know on what cards we need to play with these clubs.
But the main thing that has happened to us over the past few months is some problems with communication, in particular on the side of special forces (CT-side). Now we try to play more as a whole team. And we started to play better. Yes, we sometimes make some mistakes, but we are already playing much better. Ultimately, it’s my job to study the enemy, what they are doing now and what they can do.
We came here with good preparation. We are ready to do our work as best as possible. The main rivals for us will be Team EnVyUs and OpTic. Although AGO is also a talented team. After all, they beat GODSENT.

Yuri Donchenko