On the channel Vega Squadron have published a video interview with the new captain of the team – Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov. He told how the team went to win at the qualifiers for The Perfect World Masters – about the defeat in the first match, the most difficult series and the courage in the final fight.

About defeat in the first match of qualifications to The Perfect World Masters against Gambit Esports

“First of all, I want to say that when we lost to Gambit, we just gathered at the bootcamp; have not yet had time to understand each other. We had some misunderstandings in terms of draft and in general our style of play. But then we talked, decided what moments we need to change, what I want and what the team wants, and we came to compromises and found our game. “

Why Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin replaced Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov in the draft “The team at one point decided that I was trying to impose on her a different style, and suggested that one of the players peep; showed how they want to build a game. And I already picked it up and added something of my own. “

About the most difficult series

“Of course, the most difficult game was against Natus Vincere G2A, because before that the opponents were strong, but not like them. Especially since they already won us before that, there was already some kind of anticipation of a complex game. The final was also difficult, but he was on the courage. After the victory over Na’Vi, we were already in the ranks, already knew what to do, had already found their game, and because of this it was much easier. “

About captaincy at a young age

“At some point, of course, there are difficulties. Somewhere you do not understand what they understand. And because of this I tell the guys to try to share with me as much as possible; comfortable talking, communicating. Yes, there are difficulties in this, but before that I captained in my team and always strived for leadership. I feel some kind of additional responsibility on my own, and I would not say that she is eating me somehow. On the contrary, I will try harder because of this. “

On the emotions of winning the qualification

“Of course, I still feel the sensations, I am very happy. It’s very cool – to come to the bootcamp and immediately start with the victory. I am very happy!”.