Commentator studio Room on Fire August “Semmler” Massonat shared his opinion on the latest solutions in an interview with the portal. He explained why Natus Vincere G2A shows poor results, and spoke about the Chinese professional scene.

About Natus Vincere

“They lack the fighting potential. It seems, Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev feels that he must win back for the whole team. This makes him make silly mistakes. He tries to earn money independently, rather than trusting teammates. A player who tries to do someone else’s work rather hinders the staff than helps him. Yes, he shows excellent results, gives out to the right and left, but does he do what his team needs?

In this regard, I would say that Danil “Zeus” Teslenko is greatly overrated as a captain. He is more likely a moral leader, capable of lighting a team, to restore her the presence of spirit. Definitely not a tactical genius. Look at the rounds of Natus Vincere G2A: a lot of simple rounds, mid-round races and so on. And if you can not get the team to work, and your fiery speeches do not work anymore …

The same was with Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Drolans: not knowing what to do on the game, he tried to raise the morale of the team. This is far from the best way. And here there are only two ways to solve the problem: either s1mple gives the opportunity to play the team, or someone will have to give way to the shooter more forcefully. “

About kioShiMa

“I would not want him to start playing Happy again with Schopenhauer again, but it’s still French CS: GO. First they kick half of the players from the team, and in a year or two they are all the best friends again. I do not know if Fabien will return to Fie “kioShiMa” in Team EnVyUs, even if he receives an offer.

Because they just forgot about him in the middle of the season. If he manages to gather and start showing the game, he may well be in a strong team in the coming months. Will this be a French team? Now kio speaks good English, so he could easily find a new international composition. I do not think that he is particularly worried because he was left without a team. “

About the Chinese scene

“It’s all about money. This is China. There all terribly rich. League of Legends, Dota 2 – anything. Big leagues, millions of dollars per hour. I think that the rise of China in CS: GO will spur Valve to work better, but I do not think so. Perfect World got the right to play in the region, so Valve will not even try to do something in this direction. If we have new leagues of a global scale in China, it will be only more interesting.

But this, nevertheless, will deal with Perfect World, not Valve. These Chinese organizations are terribly rich, and that’s good. European players can start getting like footballers. And what do they do? Before the end of their career, they travel to China, receive there three times more and return. The same is true here. TyLoo rents Vladislav “bondik” Nechyporchuk? The ideal move for him. He must be terribly paid a lot. And imagine how much they will give to Olof “olofmeister” Kaibiera. “