2016 was full of grand tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some top-level team moved into first place in the rankings, and some were not able to cope with change and fell. We have already reviewed the top 5 in CSGO transition teams for 2016 in the article.

Now is the time to take the results of those teams whose results were, at least, ambiguous and unsteady. Here is a list of 5 transitions and reshufles in the top teams CSGO for 2016.

# 5. Alexander “kassad” Trifunovic left mousesports

The Serbian coach has shown the most controversial game of the famous German team came in June and left her training base in September this year. However, we do not know the full impact on the history of mousesports to the end, after all behind the coach “kassad” only one season ELEAGUE Season 1.

# 4. Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný sat on the bench in mousesports

oskar seen as a response to the many problems in the German club ever since he became a play for mousesports in August 2016. He can answer any questions, but we do not know, because Tomas sat on the bench in October this year. He was a star in the AWP HellRaisers and showed a stable game. However, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač they could translate the command “mice” to a new level. Instead, they went to one of the tournaments and then oskar sat on the bench (say, due to personal problems).

# 3. Echo Fox’s passivity

Echo Fox was founded pompous former NBA basketball star American Rick Rick Fox) Fox in December 2015. Beginning of the year was interesting and kind of promising. For the team played sgares and ShahZaM (gone to Team SoloMid), roca and ryx, however, in November, the club announced the dissolution of the roster.

# 2. CLG did nothing

CLG closes the Top 30 rankings by HLTV on December 26

At least, the collapse of the Echo Fox could be explained by a lack of expertise in e-sports club owner. Furthermore, they started from zero. CLG have no such excuses. Counter Logic Gaming was one of the strongest clubs in North America.

1. Split Fnatic-GODSENT

Unlike other worst results of the year, in the first four project failures CSGO were responsible in the first place the players, not the management. Fnatic though and won six tournaments in a row, but it was not enough even to maintain the past glory. The team fell apart due to internal problems. As a result, once the best team in the world split into two frail, which contributed to the rise of Ninjas in Pyjamas (also Swedish team). Fnatic era, seems to have ended.

Yuri Donchenko