February 15 came the next update Dota 2. Valve with him made a few minor changes in the appearance of the customer interface and cosmetic items, but also added a warning about the use of the Shrine of the bots.


Slightly changed the appearance of Spirit of the Dark Wood for Lone Druid and Seismic Berserker for Magnus;


Removed the possibility of processing the chests in the Dark Moon glasses;

Removed Dark Moon bar on the main page;

The size of the largest mini-map has been reduced from up to 296h296 280h280;


  • Bots are now reported in the chat that they are going to use a shrine or delayed;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the bots could not buy Headdress;

This update does not bring significant changes in terms of the game, so you can safely bet on the favorites in your opinion, as a meta in Dota 2 has not changed.

One of the latest innovations in Dota 2, which is to focus, to win a bet.