The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updated the Militia map and corrected a large number of errors on Canals, and also improved the search algorithm for the lobby next to the player. The patch was released on March 30th.


  • – Players during the viewing of objects can see the certificate of the subject, which includes style, number, coloring and degree of wear;
  • – Improved the search algorithm for the lobby next to the player.
  • – Now, apart from the distance, the country of the player who is looking for the lobby will also be considered.


  • – Fixed a gap in the wall of point B;
  • – Fixed missing texture on the bridge;
  • – Fixed errors in the geometry of the map at point A;
  • – The bomb will no longer be stuck in some places near the point of the appearance of terrorists;
  • – For some elements, the distance at which they disappear from the field of view is increased;
  • – Fixed the geometry of the walls on the staircase of the prison;
  • – Improved lighting in the main hall of the prison;
  • – Fixed a bug related to the survey around the box with tools at point B;
  • – One of the picnic tables is removed; Removed the pixel in the shoe store, on which you could walk;
  • – Fixed a visual bug on the balcony;
  • – On a wooden sign on point B it became more difficult to jump;
  • – Changed the building in the courtyard;
  • – Fixed navigation in places where there used to be poles.


  • – Changed the appearance of counter-terrorists and the rescue zone of hostages;
  • – Access to the river and the old point of appearance of counter-terrorists is blocked;
  • – The underground tunnel is shortened, now it ends in the garage;
  • – The hostages now appear in new positions.
  • – One hostage will now always appear on the top floor, another one – on the ground floor in the main house, or in the garage.
  • – The point in the small house where the hostage could appear has been removed;
  • – Access to the house near the silo is open, now you can enter the house through the door, and not just through the window;
  • – Added shelters near the exit from the tunnel;
  • – Terrorists will now appear on the balcony at the back of the house;
  • – Added cover for open positions; Boots and exploits fixed; Moving on the map became smoother.