The user reddit Max Reiger, who analyzes CS: GO updates, found unannounced skins and a knife model in the images. He also reported on three additional game modes and shared animations of the new interface. In March another reader reddit – CorruptedPixed – shared icons of new knives, which he found in the game code.

In the latest updates, Valve added another new icon to the game – in the files the knife is called Ursus. With the operation “Hydra” in CS: GO there were new game modes in War Games. Reiger found three unknown modes that were not included in this set – Team Deathmatch, Bounty Hunter and Bloodletter. According to the description, the most unusual type of game is Bounty Hunter. In it, users play against each other similarly to the Deathmatch mode and earn points, killing opponents and collecting soldiers’ tokens that fall out of the dead players.

Selected tokens bring more points than frags. All weapons CS: GO are sorted by categories in the game files: pistols – pistols, submachine guns – smg, etc. Reiger found a new category – tac21. About tac21 first became known as early as 2014. For three years, Valve added and deleted from the game files related to it. It is assumed that tac21 – sniper rifle with a stand for stationary use. Reiger also discovered new animation animation patterns in the main menu.

He suggests that in future updates Valve will add a full review of the player’s model together with all the equipment. From 2014 to 2017, Max Reiger talked about remakes of Inferno and Dust2, the Canals map, armored terrorist models and 2-by-2 format before the official announcements of Valve.