There are only a few months left before the start of the main tournament of the year, at least in the eSports discipline DOTA 2. There are still no official participants of this grand tournament, but now it’s time to think about the favorites and dark horses. Analysts offer you an overview of possible participants and winners of the tournament in Seattle, USA. These teams went imperceptibly to the victories in the last period, but they all have chances to become the owners of the main trophy The International 7. Already, the tournament budget is growing much faster than in the past tournaments of this label. At present, the official prize fund guaranteed by the Valve organizer, $ 1.6 million dollars, has been added from the sales of tickets (Battle Pass) and merchandising (25%) – more than $ 9 million. Now the prize fund is $ 10,047,462 dollars. Previously, gave an overview of the research about viewers and e-sports players.

# Natus Vincere (Ukraine)

It’s probably strange to see Natus Vincere among the dark horses, but last season showed that the team is not the best times. They could not get to the leading tournaments of the past year, including Majors. Suffice it to mention that the Majors in Boston and native Kiev went without the once-famous Natus Vincere brand.

But now at the Kiev roster there were global changes of the roster, new fresh faces came. With him, they were able to snatch a victory in the European qualification for The Summit 7, beating such grants DOTA 2 as Alliance (Sweden), Team Empire (Russia) and Vega Squadron (Russia).

This year on TI7, we can expect from Natus Vincere an interesting, strong game. Watch DOTA 2 matches on to stay up to date with the main eSports events.

# Team NP (Canada)

Team NP appeared on the e-sports Olympus after the past of The International 2016. The team is formed around the player EternaLEnVy, who plays for the captain’s release. However, despite their young age, Team NP players were able to participate in The Boston Major 2016 and take 5-8th place there.

Later Team NP went through regional qualifications and entered tournaments such as EPICENTER 2017 (“silver”) and DOTA Summit 7 (“gold”). But despite such successes for the young part of the dots, the victory at The International 2017 is still a difficult task. But our view is achievable, especially if you take a closer look at the roster of the club. Here there is a champion The International, and the winners of the Majors, and the regular participants of significant tournaments of modern DOTA 2.

Yuri Donchenko