Mid player Team SoloMid Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg told about the possible move to Korea portal Inven Global. He also called difficulties in the game with Ilyan “Doublelift” Peng and explained why there are no Koreans in the lineup.

About Doublelift Return

“Doublelift partly plays both in the rating matches. He sometimes wants to kill, not destroy buildings. Let’s say, jumping forward with Flash after we took the turret. Trying to become as strong as possible, and not playing to win – just like in the rating matches. But he learns fast. <…> Doublelift is still good on the line and in micro, do not hesitate to speak out.

Even if the team does not agree with him, we are discussing the opinion of Doublelift, which helps to grow. In the past I split the game, later joined Hauntzer, and now we can plan the match five times. “

On the lack of Koreans in TSM

“If they wanted to take a Korean, they would have to take a second and possibly an interpreter. We heard from other teams how one legionnaire is alone [Ham “Lustboy” Jang Sik was the only Korean in Team SoloMid in 2014-2015 – approx. Ed.]. I want a potential Korean in TSM to be ready to speak English, even if he does not have a good command of it. Svenskeren is considered a legionnaire, and we do not see how to fit into a single Korean. But I’m not afraid of the prospect of playing with players from LCK. They want to win, not win a line or be a star. This should come to North America, if we want to perform well on the international stage. “

On the possible move to LCK

“Communication will decide everything. Miders no longer win alone due to the advantages on the line. We need to communicate with friends and work with them. Without knowledge of Korean I would be downstairs LCK. On the middle, decides to communicate, especially with the forester. If I had to choose a team, I would join SK Telecom T1. There I learn more than in any other team. I repeat, even an excellent player can not prove himself without the command “chemistry” and good communication. “