The Slingshot journalist interviewed Yoo Sang-wook, a player from the Phoenix1 team, who took the third place in the North American League of League LCS NA Spring Playoffs 2017 Season with the team. Ryu plays on the middle line the Forester (Jungler). He became famous in South Korean e-sports with an aggressive style of play. He has been in North America since December 2016. publishes the Russian translation of the interview. And earlier we repeatedly covered this League.

  • First of all, we congratulate you on the victory in the League of Legends match for 3rd place against FlyQuest. What are your thoughts after the game?

Ryu: I’m happy to be third, but since I crossed the ocean, I think I’ve already played 5 games for 3rd place. I really want to go to the Final.

  • Apparently you will still stay in North America for the summer split Summer Split 2017 Season. What are your goals for the next split?

Ryu: I would say that I want to go to the World Cup, but I’ve already been there twice. So I just want to get to the Final.

  • It seems that you will have a couple of weeks of rest before the continuation of the Mid-Season Invitational tournament. Are there any plans for this time?

Ryu: I wanted to relax in Korea, but the vacation is too short. So, I think, I’ll wander around the gaming house. I do not have any special plans, so I’ll just prepare for the summer split.

  • Right now, patch 7.6, while in the game patch 7.8. Were there any difficulties in training on the past patch?

Ryu: We always play on the same patch on which the Playoff games began. I do not like it, but I can not do anything. I think it would be good to play on the latest patches.

  • And the last. It seems you really really want to play in the Final of LCS NA. If this happens in the next summer split, which team would you like to play against?

Ryu: If you look soberly, it will be Cloud9 or Team SoloMid. I want to play against TSM. I think they are just the best team. It would be great!

Yuri Donchenko