Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin streamers told that he was going to take part in qualifying at the Kiev “major.” According to the Swedish player, captain of his new team will be Peter «ppd» Daguerre, but they have not yet decided on the rest of the band. The rumor about the return of Peter «ppd» Daguerre to the professional scene immediately attracted the attention of users of Reddit.com.

Fans of the former Evil Geniuses captain began to assume anyone can still join the new team. Among the likely candidates are more likely to call Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho and Yazid «YapzOr» Jaradat, who recently became a free agent.

Daguerre left the basic structure of Evil Geniuses of the tournament The International 2016. US players remained to work in the organization, but moved to an administrative position to coordinate the work of the club and TwitchTV service. The last command Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdina was compLexity Gaming team.

After the World Cup in Seattle player left composition together with other Swedish legionaries – Linus «Limmp» Blomdinom and Simon «Handsken» Haag. The next “major” in Dota 2 will be held in Kiev from 20 to 23 April. The prize fund is $ 3 million.