Player of the updated composition of the G2 Esports Nathan «NBK» Schmitt via TwitLonger service shared a story about staying in the Team EnVyUs and views on the future of G2 Esports. The Frenchman also mentioned former mate EnVyUs Vincennes «Happy» Schopenhauer.

About the period in Team EnVyUs

“We have long worked with the organization Team EnVyUs, and I think we helped each other grow as a person and as a business. I am glad that we brought her prizes that it deserves respect glad that we met her as a friend and as players. For hastr0 (EnVyUs owner – Ed.) It was important to create a good environment to us, so we focused on the game, and he handled it. We have had disagreements, and as EnVy grew, not always all managed to keep one pace, but we are always allowed to potential problems and move forward! “.

About Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer

Happy to work with was, of course, something special, because his approach to the game is different from the “classic”, and this, of course, to a large extent resulted in our victory. We had disagreements, and it all ended not the best way, because the longer we play together, the more and more widely used to differ. Due to all kinds of internal problems ended he became a lower level as a player, but I am convinced that he will find the strength to overcome all this and become again the player and a leader in the game, what it was, and will be able to a little adjust ( “banana” back in the game [of the Dust2 it on Inferno is replaced in the active pool of cards – Ed.]., can again Entre Frager: p) »!.

On the future of G2 Esports

“I think I read too much, and I generally do not stop. But how much have to read this that is written entirely in vain – and I hope it will not affect the relationship between players. The new composition is quite naturally formed after the negotiations within a group of people, and there was no ultimatum to the players and the like delirium. We ourselves are never called “super-team”, but some so-called our part.

Everyone on the internet is free to express his opinion and to disseminate information, but the truth comes from those people who are responsible and interest. At the moment, we aim to make every effort to ensure that both the style of play to merge and steadily rising, staying together as a group that can work together in the long term. What we were not selected in the Katowice – a big hit, and we, of course, upset, but now can only bow my head and work on until you reach the level that we can be proud of, and it will remain our sole purpose.

If we could break in and swoop all lay, we would have done so, but we are willing to work hard, so you could show themselves the best team in the world and, povkalyvav properly, hold this position for as long as possible. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy with us to experience the good times and the bad, keeping us in the game. Reading great messages from those who support us, it will always help in difficult times and moments of doubt. “

I wonder how far G2 eSports upper after such significant changes in the composition. We will watch the tournaments, as well asinformative for you to cover the CS: GO – how eSports discipline.