SK Gaming player Marcelo “coldzera” David spoke about winning the Intel Extreme Masters Season XII – Sydney. He explained the strategy for the final with FaZe Clan, praised his comrades for a good game and told when he would retire.

About Grand Finals

“FaZe Clan plays the same cards that we do, so we like matches with it. Nevertheless, we expected a very difficult fight. They studied the meetings of opponents, but played on their own, and did not develop strategies for opponents. We have a lot of workpieces, in which we are acting out better than FaZe. Could finish the match even on Inferno [SK Gaming won with a score of 3: 1 – approx. Ed.], But lost the clutch two in two. Then FalleN and TACO did not cope with the rain. Both rounds turned out to be key, because we missed the chance to break the FaZe economy. “

About comrades

“The current model of the game is better than before. Felps stopped working for himself and does what the team needs. This creates space for FalleN. For example, on the train, he takes aim at the middle, felps covers it; FalleN looks to the left, felps – to the right. FalleN is calmer, can stick to its style and plays better. I’m surprised that felps performed so well, because he worked out a lot of new things. It is hard to practice something from scratch and at the same time to show a high level. I think felps was the best player in the tournament. “

About future

“Felps has changed a lot and now plays for the team, so we returned for the championship. There is no ceiling for me. I like to consistently show a high level, I love CS: GO. I will stop no sooner than when I win everything. “