Player SK Gaming Marcelo “coldzera” David explained why he was accustomed to react violently to the won rounds. In an interview with Invision Community, David also shared the story of the famous moment against Team Liquid in the quarter-final of MLG Major and explained why the team left Lincoln “fnx” Lau.

About emotions

“Sometimes I see that teams win a very difficult or important round and do not react to it at all. I do not like it, because at such times it’s important to splash emotions. This helps to maintain harmony between players, everything is added from this. For us this is natural. “

About the famous round against Team Liquid

“At that time, I did not feel anything special. The score was 9:15, and I told Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo that I do not want to buy AWP, because I would have to play without armor, and I hate it. But in the end I still bought a sniper rifle and told Epitacio “TACO” de Melo: “Let’s change points, I’ll go to B”. It so happened that Team Liquid also decided to attack B. After the first frag, I swore, and then jumped again and issued the second fragment. Of course, I’m very fortunate, this should not happen. “

About fnx

“Initially, the composition with TACO and Lincoln” fnx “Lau worked regularly. We had a young team – laid out all. But after two major “majors” won and several other tournaments, fnx lost the desire to play. He stopped training and began to devote time to other things. This is normal, I understand it. But when Joao “felps” Vasconcellos joined us, we again felt hungry until we won. Now we are all focused. This is the second time my team plays with such passion and dedication. “

About fox

“Ricardo” fox “Pachek helped us both in and out of the game. He easily joined the team, and we tried as much as possible to learn from him. He is a special player. <…> I think Pachek is good at any position. He also learned a lot from us, and if you can use all this experience in Team Dignitas, the team will go far. He kept repeating: “Guys, remember, you sacrificed everything in Brazil to get here – do everything in your power.” Fox always tried to keep the team in good shape, it helped us a lot. “