The PGL organization announced the dates and format of the American minor tournament to PGL Major Kraków 2017. The first invitation was given to Immortals. In total, eight teams will participate in the competition.

The championship will be held from 8 to 11 June. In addition to Immortals on PGL Americas Minor – Krakow 2017 will invite another team, and the remaining six will pass through qualifications. Qualifying will be held in both South and North America. The winner of the South American open qualification will directly fall on the “mayor”.

Qualifying for North America will be divided into two stages – open and closed qualifications. Eight teams from the open qualifiers will pass to the closed qualification, where they will be joined by eight more teams. Of the 16 participants, five will fall on the “mayor”.

Schedule qualifiers for PGL Americas Minor – Krakow 2017:

  • – Open qualification for South America (April 27-29)
  • – Open qualification for North America (May 5-6)
  • – Closed qualification for North America (May 18-19)

The two best teams PGL Americas Minor will be offline to qualify for the Polish “major”. In addition, the American teams will play $ 50 thousand.

Participants PGL Americas Minor – Krakow 2017

  • – Immortals
  • – Invitation # 2
  • – Winner of open qualification for South America
  • – Representative of North America # 1
  • – Representative of North America # 2
  • – Representative of North America # 3
  • – Representative of North America # 4
  • – Representative of North America # 5

The final offline qualification will be held from June 29 to July 2 in Krakow. Sixteen teams will take part in it, seven of which took 9-16 place on The ELEAGUE Major 2017. Previously, the organizers deprived of the place in the offline qualification of Team EnVyUs, as the team changed three players after the previous major-tournament. Slot of the French team will receive the third place of the European minor-tournament