Completed online stage ESEA Premier Season 23. According to its results in the slots in the European division ESL Pro League Season 5 claim Team LDLC, Team Kinguin and Rogue, and in the US – Team SoloMid, Rush and Luminosity Gaming. The meeting between the Team and Team Kinguin will be held at Mountain Dew League: Global Challenge. There will take place play-offs for access to the US division of ESL Pro League Season 5 between Team SoloMid and Rush.

The second slot in the Europe and America compete for the top flight online. In Europe, the winner of the third place ESEA Season 23: Premier Division Rogue meet with 12 seats ESL Pro League Season 4 – Heroic, and in America Selfless Gaming will play against Luminosity Gaming.

Teams that lose the play-offs at the Mountain Dew League, on arrival home challenged the last slot in the ESL Pro League Season 5 in fights with 12 seats fourth season – PENTA Sports and Splyce. In addition, the 1-2 places ESEA Season 23, won the permit on Mountain Dew League: Global Challenge, which will be held January 5-8 in the United States. In it will participate 1-2 places American and European ESEA Season 23 division, as well as the winners of open qualifications in four regions – Big Gods, Athletico, VG.CyberZen and Bravado Gaming.

Teams will play the group stage for the GSL system, and then the playoffs single-elimination. The prize fund – $ 50 thousand ESEA Premier Division -. Online League in Europe and America. In each region involved 24 teams. The best teams in the season in the top flight go – ESL Pro League.

First place receives a slot ESEA Premier latest ESL Pro League team and 2-3 place play play-offs with 12 and 13 places higher division.