One of the popular community of insiders – DeKay – informed of the impending replacement FaZe Clan. According to sources in the French industry, Finn «karrigan» Andersen takes place Fabien «kioShiMa» Fe for 21 October at the group stage ELEAGUE Season 2.

kioShiMa joined FaZe April 10, 2016 – a month after the Team EnVyUs sat champion DreamHack Cluj-Napoca in 2015 to the bench. With the Frenchman in the composition of the team repeated the result MLG Major Championship: Columbus at ESL One Cologne 2016: Five of 9-12 took place, and has not been “legendary” status for the next major-tournament. On the other offline championships FaZe Clan could not enter the top three. Finn «karrigan» Andersen became part of Team Dignitas in February 2014. A year later, the Five joined the Team SoloMid.

Under the leadership of karrigan players reached the ESL One Cologne 2015 semi-finals, and won several international championships, including PGL CS: GO Championship Series, PGL Season 1 and FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2. Team established Astralis organization in January 2016. This season the team reached the semifinals of MLG Major Championship: Columbus and took place on 5-8 ESL One Cologne in 2016, but did not win any competitions. If karrigan goes into FaZe Clan, at the Astralis may have problems with participation in ELEAGUE Major 2017 to the invitation of the organizers.

In the Danish team will remain only two choices to come to the tournament with three “legends”: return to the core of the five coach – Danny “Zonic” Sørensen – who replaced Peter «dupreeh» Rasmussen for medical reasons in the final match of group ESL One Cologne 2016 stage or sign Lucas «gla1ve» Rossandera. He played in place of Marcus «Kjaerbye» Kebyu who could not represent Astralis due to winning the “Minor” with Team Dignitas. However, the regulation states that the participants in major-tournament are eligible for the championship once swapped the coach and player.

Astralis can take advantage of this rule to use the player while retaining slot on ELEAGUE Major 2017. To do this, organizations need to declare zonic in the first team and rookie point as a coach. After castling zonic officially continue to lead the team, and a new member will be able to play the next Astralis “majors” in the matches. Valve has confirmed portal, that this scenario applies to a situation in which turned out to be a Danish team.

Possible composition FaZe Clan:

Alexi «allu» Yalli

Philip «aizy» eystrup

Howard «rain» Naygard

Joachim «jkaem» Murdostab

Finn «karrigan» Andersen