Support G2A Ilya “Lil” Iljuk in the post-match interview shared with Maria Ermolina thoughts about the defeat of Evil Geniuses. He told about the reasons for the unsuccessful performance of the team and noted that this has its advantages.

Ilya “Lil” Iljuk about the defeat of Evil Geniuses:

Well, we lost the game. We lost with the score 0: 2. In the first game, we very badly piqued – we ourselves know this, we are now sitting dismantling the recording of games. In the second, they just played very badly, gave crucial tie-fights and, accordingly, lost the game. Why did this happen? Probably, because a very uncomfortable opponent and a very uncomfortable strategy is specifically against us. We have such an interesting topic that it’s very hard for us to play against EG, but it’s very easy to play against OG, but EG can not win against OG. Accordingly, such confusion.

Yes, EG today were stronger than us, but if we prepare better, which, in fact, will be the grand final in which we will meet the EG, I think we will succeed. I would not say that we had non-standard peaks. They were simply unbalanced. Well, again, the EG strategy is very uncomfortable, and from the first game you can not adapt to it. Especially since we did not play against them, they did not play with them for a long time, in this patch in general zero games. We are well aware that the groups do not have much to decide specifically for us; We knew yesterday that we will leave the group.

From what place, by and large, does not matter. And the fact that we lost to EG – the only team in the world that can us unsuccessfully beat and with which it is really hard to play – I think there is nothing like this. There is no surprise. Yes, we played badly, there were jambs. Yes, they were upset. But you need to know what you are capable of, and give an adequate assessment of yourself and the enemy. Here it was. Let’s play the first day on stage. There will be many more games, it will be more pleasant to play on stage than when one day falls and you sit and wait for someone. This has its advantages.