Shanghai ended Gold Series 2017 Championship CN vs NA at Hearthstone tournament, which was organized by Blizzard and NetEase company. The hosts defeated the team championship of North America with a score of 2: 1 Tours. The final round was not without scandal. The Gold Series 2017 Championship tournament played teams of China and North America. Identify the strongest team they had in three rounds, each of which has a separate prize pool. Additional payments received players who have won two or more runs in each round.

For winning the first two rounds, the team received $ 21.8 thousand in the third round was played twice a prize pool of $ 43.6 thousand national team players:.. China: JasonZhou, OmegaZero, lovelychook, Lvge, XHope. North America: Reynad, Chakki, Fr0zen, Dog, Cydonia.

First tour:

  • Dog [0:3] Lvge
  • Fr0zen [0:3] Lvge
  • Cydonia [3:1] Lvge
  • Cydonia [0:3] JasonZhou
  • Chakki [2:3] XHope
  • Reynad [3:1] XHope
  • Reynad [0:3] lovelychook

Second round:

  • Reynad [1:3] OmegaZero
  • Dog [2:3] OmegaZero
  • Cydonia [3:2] OmegaZero
  • Cydonia [3:1] lovelychook
  • Cydonia [3:2] XHope
  • Cydonia [3:1] JasonZhou
  • Cydonia [3:0] Lvge

Third round:

  • Reynad [1:4] OmegaZero
  • Cydonia [1:4] OmegaZero
  • Dog [4:3] OmegaZero
  • Dog [2:4] lovelychook
  • Fr0zen [3:4] lovelychook
  • Chakki [4:3] lovelychook
  • Chakki [3:4] Lvge

The third round was won by the national team of China, but according Reynad, Asians playing fair. The leader of the US team believes that the outcome of the match is largely influenced by Chinese streamer tips that do not contain their emotions during the broadcast.

Reynad sure that their tips could easily be heard even through the noise-canceling headphones. Otherwise, the national team players in North America were satisfied with the tournament organizers and attitude. Previously, teams of China and the US have met in the tournament CN vs NA Challenge, which took place in the summer of 2015. Then we won by the Americans, winning about $ 80 thousand. Per team.