Management Vega Squadron reported that their Dota 2 roster has undergone changes. Artyom left the team «fng» Barshak and Bogdan «iceberg» Vasilenko. The reason was the disappointing results of the team in European qualifying for The Boston Major 2016, as well as the lack of stability in the team.

Bogdan «iceberg» Vasilenko occupied the center line, while Artem «fng» Barshak was captain of the organization Vega Squadron. I wonder what other changes we will see in the vast CIS scene. Recent reshafly (except Vega Squadron) are as follows: Natus Vincere in search of three players, Team Empire were four of us.

Comment CEO Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov:

– I want to thank the guys for their game under our tag. Separately, I note that claims to their dedication and discipline in the organization there, but to become a team with Rostislav, Andrei and Semyon they did not work.

Comment Vega Squadron manager George «drAmer» Faleeva:

– Team Performance in the autumn part of the season is not satisfactory: a relatively good matches alternated with frank failures and the lack of stability, alas, has become a stumbling block for the team.

In the summer the main task for the updated composition was to create not just a “stacks” of five players, namely the team, with a good understanding and confidence in their teammates. This, unfortunately, has not occurred. This time, we tried to take into account the wishes and views of players on both the Dot, and the work of the team outside of the game.

I can not say that to Artem and Bogdan claim more than the others. As a result of the last three months, all deserve the same amount of criticism. However, the team may be only five players playing, and change is needed.

I wish them only the best and hope that our paths will cross again and again. Both players – professionals in their field, and the organization had no problems with their approach to work. The new composition has already been formed, and once all the “paper” work is completed, we will be able to make an official announcement.

I hope that this will happen in the coming days.

Composition Vega Squadron after the change:

Rostislav «fn!» Lozovoy

Semen «CeMaTheSlayeR» Krivulya

Andrew «Mag» Chipenko