Former player and Fnatic Meader H2k-Gaming Fabian «Febiven» Dipstraten in an interview with Red Bull spoke about the performances of the new team and commented Fnatic in 2017. EU LCS Spring Split. He also praised the chances of European teams at the next World Championships and at the IEM Season XI World Championship. Febiven advocated Fnatic in 2015-2016

On the results of H2k-Gaming in the EU LCS

“Everything goes well. We are growing fast, because all are open to the new and want to get better. Now it does not matter what we lose. Albeit conceded Unicorns of Love with a score of 2: 1, it is sometimes better to lose than to win. Especially in the early part of the season, because you can start to take victory for granted and too much blame themselves for defeat. It is impossible to give in all the games, but to play two series and take five – this is normal. It is surprising that we are ahead Splyce, because we have a new structure, and they have -. Old “

About failures Fnatic

“When I decided to leave in H2k, I knew that this structure would be better. We are stronger [Fnatic] at three or four positions. I sympathize Rekkles, because he is playing well and the team has three wins and three defeats. I think the team has a problem and I was expecting it, because he knew who it was playing. I did not expect that they will make a replacement (Mads «Broxah» Brock-Pedersen took place Maurice «Amazing» Shtukenshnaydera after the third week of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split – Ed..), And I’m glad I avoided it and went to H2k. At Fnatic has potential, but now the team deserved 3-3. “

Upcoming trip to the IEM Season XI World Championship

“At the IEM [from Europe] go Unicorns, H2k and G2. Another good team in the region, the Misfits, alas, will not go. Everyone has a chance to walk away, and let us in the table below, than UoL and G2. I have no expectations, but I know that to compete and chat with the players the other teams will be great. <…> Jankos would be nice to play in front of family spectators. He looks forward to the IEM, and if he was very agitated on the stage of the LCS, I can not imagine that it will be more emotional in front of the Polish fans. “