Team Random players left Wings Gaming without discussing the situation with the management. According to the portal, for unilateral termination of contracts, Wings owners have the opportunity to file for cybersportsmen in court. The author also told the reason for the delay in wages. As reported in the article, the delay in the money was due to the fact that the organization was in the process of changing ownership. When the players decided to leave Wings Gaming, the management paid all the debts.

The source uuu9 also said that the cyber sportsmen received most of the winnings on The International 2016, than was stipulated in the contract. Initially, the organization was to receive 30%, and the players 70%. After Wings won the tournament, the executives rewarded them for this and reduced their share to 20%. Previously, the same figure was called the media director of the organization, Ana Zhang. Cyber-sportsmen were also rarely attracted to events not related to the game directly – the organization wanted to give players more time for training, matches and rest.

Players Wings Gaming left the organization in April. According to unconfirmed reports, the owner of the team unsuccessfully invested a large amount in the composition of the League of Legends. After the investment did not pay off, the cyber sportsmen did not receive a salary for several months. According to rumors, the manager planned to sell the organization or composition for Dota 2. According to other information, the team members could disperse on different teams. Acting champions The International began to act under the name Team Random and took 9-16 place on The Kiev Major 2017.