Fantastic Five inferior in the semifinals OG team and complete their performance at this championship. While the Europeans continue to demonstrate incredible game and tested in the grand final qualifying for the ESL One: Genting. As it was, it can be seen below.

The first map starts with L0lik_O offleyne death, but the Fantastic Five also manages to make a frag to s4. OG spends the first exchanges in their favor, but F5 manage first equalize, and then on 12 crumple to win the first major timfayt at the Foreign Ministry and to come forward both in Fraga, and the number of earned gold. The Russian team is trying to secure an advantage, forcing timfayt, but loses it and gives 1500 gold, a thousand of which receives Ana.

Further fights are held with varying degrees of success, the graphics are in zero to 31 minutes. Templar Assassin gives too much physical damage in a fight at x F5. Fantastic Five alternately loses five heroes and T3-tower at the Foreign Ministry.

OG rebuilt wins timfayt, destroys all the barracks, but loses n0tail and departs. OG kills Roshan on 41 minutes and a minute later ends the game. On the second map Fantastic Five sets Double Axe + Omniknight a complex, but allows rotation JerAx OG shed first blood. Fantastic Five is trying to play aggressively on the top line, but in the seventh minute n0tail has KDA 3/1/1. OG early spushivaet three T1 tower, wins first timfayty and kills Roshan 17 minutes. F5 trying to get back in the game and on 17 minutes enjoys a mistake the opponent, playing the 1500 gold per 20 minutes.

The next major timfayt occurs at 25 minutes, but Ana is, confidently took the first position netvorsov table, causing too much damage, and F5 loses four players. Error BzzIsPerfect allows OG Roshan kill the second and go to x. F5 lose all players and surrenders for 31 minutes.