Duncan “Thorin” Shields told about his own rating of CS:GO teams in an interview with a cybersport portal. The journalist also highlighted the advantages of the shooter as an e-sports discipline, noted how to improve the competitive component, and explained why he opposes lifelong ban cheaters.

About your own rating

“My rating is based on subjective opinion to a lesser degree than many people think. There is a clear formula on which it is calculated, and I adhere to it in the overwhelming majority of cases. Rather, it will be said that this is not exactly a formula, but a hierarchy of factors by which I make a rating: the position of the team, the level of tournaments, the level of rivals are taken into account. Closer to the end of the rating, it becomes more difficult to have teams, but I can explain my choice always and everywhere. “

About discipline

“CS: GO is not an e-sports # 1 and, perhaps, it will never be. This is mainly due to the Asian market, which for the most part is self-contained and self-sufficient. But at the same time, I believe that there is no other discipline with such a low entry threshold. CS: GO fully corresponds to the old cliche: “It’s easy to understand, but difficult to master.” Cybersport stories and narratives CS: GO are constantly changing, but at the same time there are a lot of matches of the highest level. CS: GO is almost an ideal discipline.

I think CS: GO should be more structured. This concerns the dates of the “major”: I believe that they should be known one year ahead so that the rest of the organizers can adjust to the Valve schedule. I also think that it is very important to involve the Asian market – 10 million potential players and viewers prefer other games only because Valve has not made CS: GO free in Internet clubs. “

About Bans

“As for me, Valve was supposed to designate the term of banning iBUYPOWER and allow cybersportsmen to return in a year or two. I consider the act of the company dishonest, because they simply arranged an indicative flogging, and this is unethical in relation to the former iBP staff. Cheaters also do not need to be punished for life. And although I would prefer to see the return of players banned for bets against themselves than cheaters, I consider the possibility of rehabilitation to be the most correct option in most cases. “