Player Vaevictis eSports Dmitry “DarkSolece” Nickel told about his family’s attitude to professional e-sports in an interview with the cybersport portal. He also explained why other teams did not try to entice him into the offseason.

About offers from other teams

“No, I was not invited [other teams]. Because I have a very strict coach who clings to me. There were talks that some managers wanted to write to me, but Madneps [Alexei Kholin, trainer Vaevictis eSports – approx. Ed.] Suppressed it on the vine. Quote: “I’ll write to you later! You’ll know how to take my players.” I somehow did not think about it [about going to the EU LCS – approx. Ed]. I have not had thoughts about other teams yet. If I watch European games, then I look more for the players, not for whole teams or organizations. “

Changes in the composition of Vaevictis

“I would not say that someone’s care has disappointed me. But sometimes very much Lukezy is not enough, because this is a very energetic and cheerful person, with whom it’s nice just to talk and spend time, practically in any situation. And the rest had more working relationships. “

On the attitude of parents to the game

“My parents have never supported me in the fact that I’m fond of computer games and spend a lot of time with them. Always said “go get something useful.” I think that everyone faced this. And they started to really support me only when I got into the Continental League and started playing my first split. And my father came to the semi-final against Vega Squadron from Surgut to support me. “