Cyril “ANGE1” Karasev spoke about the trips of HellRaisers to DreamHack Tours 2017 and DreamHack Austin 2017. In an interview with RuHub, he also shared his opinion about the rumors surrounding his transition to Natus Vincere G2A.

About the lost final DreamHack Tours 2017

“It was very difficult to play on the French stage against the French. There was probably the most tough support against which I played. There were no soundproof cabins and this atmosphere was very pressured. At the same time, she pressed on us and encouraged G2. We lost a lot of dueling, pistols, clutches were given constantly. On maps, we generally do not really understand. When you have a seven-card mappool, it all depends very much on how prepared you are for the tournament. But at the same time, readiness can not be a 100% indicator, since you did not play these cards on the LAN. “

About the failure on DreamHack Austin 2017

“I will say so, these two tournaments [in Austin and Tours – approx. Ed.], Are not indicators in the context of the level of play of our team. Austin was probably the worst tournament in terms of comfort for the players. It’s a terrible meal, tables: I play with bondik, we can not put our hands on the table properly, holes are drilled where I have to lay the carpet. These are the headphones that do not work. They had a sponsor there, I will not call it ugly, they gave soundproof headphones, the microphone in which they worked through the word. And it was absolutely all teams, and [the organizers] could not do anything about it, because “sorry, everything has been paid for”. “

About the topic of the transition of ANGE1 to Natus Vincere G2A

“Honestly, before the” major “I’m not going to consider anything. No hands to “major” will not, and then I will think very hard, even if this happens. Because when you make such decisions, you take into account many factors: the potential strength of the composition, and the potential tournaments that you can be invited to, and, of course, salaries, team opportunities, bootcamps, trips. Such a decision should always be made taking into account all factors. But to be honest: I believe that my youth are now in the team, let’s say, perhaps, they have a lower bar than Na’Vi players, but we and Johnta correctly teach them. They are not hard workers, but right workers – they work correctly.

We do not spoil them as players. On the contrary, they will become stronger and stronger with each stage. And it is unclear what is best: when you steadily grow a player and he reaches a certain level, or a person who is basically, that’s the style of playing Na’Vi now, it’s more from the skill, from one. What if I put these Na’Vi players in the framework of these players, will they be able to play these positions and roles? Or will it again be a constant quarrel with s1mple, discontent, etc.? “.

The first match on Adrenaline Cyber League 2017 HellRaisers play against G2A. The winner of the match to meet with Natus Vincere G2A in the grand finale.