Captain Team Secret Clement “Puppey” Ivanov shared his views on the formation of the team for Dota 2. According to Ivanov, he prefers cohesive teams to teams of five stars. Puppey also explained why it is necessary to rework the old characters, and told how in his future monitors fit in.

About KheZu

“When Forev left us, I just started looking for a guy who wants to play the team. Took KheZu, as he is a talented off-line player and progresses every day. Constantly grows, listens to you and wants to be on the team – you are looking for such players. There is always a pleasant atmosphere with him, and I do not care how many tournaments we lost. I believe that we will win, and I enjoy my performances with Maurice. “

About the selection of comrades

“I like the opposites, and those who complement my qualities. Do not chase after one thing. “Dot” in this regard is very strange, I can not decide. It happens that too “hardcore” players destroy the team. In other cases, problems do not arise: talented performers do not really like each other, but are ready to get along together. I’m still trying to find a balance, but I still believe in cohesive teams, not a set of stars. “

About career after Dota 2

“Monitors. Many monitors. At least one is the one that I broke. Seriously, I do not know yet. I have a music studio in Estonia. Small, but I really like it. I invested a lot in it, we work there with my brother. In my childhood, when Doty was not there, I dreamed of becoming a rock star. Do not give up this – just “DotA” is also good. “

About the vector of development Dota 2

“I hardly see flaws. Of course, there are things that are added only for the sake of the audience. Mockery and other little things that only distract. Someone likes them, some do not, I’m in the middle. I know that such things are required for the progress of the game. Suppose, if there was no history in DotA, then SirActionSlacks could not make a video. A lot of little things that make it possible to create a great game. “

About patches

“Everything depends on the sensations. Developers do not plan for five years ahead. They, for example, see that players can not unravel the patch, and make changes. If there is no feeling that the game is stagnant, then you can not make large patches and only make corrections. But updates need to be done when people are like this: “Again, Sniper? What, again Troll Warlord? Bristleback and Juggernaut “. The times when I did not want to play anymore and there was a desire to just go around the middle and fetch couriers. Just one patch, but we all remember it perfectly. Developers need to rework old characters.

Where do we get the Elder Titan, who does 7-9 things with one skill? Heroes that jump to you, get bonus damage for this, teleport other creatures … And here we have Wraith King: stuns for two seconds, deals 300 damage – forward! Such characters are needed, and yet. Talents give the simple heroes of individuality, but this is not enough. At least Wraith King. “