Immediately after defeating Invictus Gaming, Captain Team Secret Clement “Puppey” Ivanov gave an interview to the cybersport portal. He said that he thinks about his next opponents, EG, how he got into the YapzOr team and made a forecast who can go to the grand final of the tournament.

  • – The first question about iG. It seemed that the games were under your control, although iG and resisted. Did it really happen to you?

– I would not say that we controlled the first game. They had a very good plan, but they did not play very well, that’s why we won the fights and lured the bikes. They made decisions better than they did. The second game we controlled more, won at the expense of peaks and morals.

  • – In the first iG card, Nyx Assassin, Ancient Apparition was punctured. Can you say that they surprised you, because these heroes were prepared by you yourself?

– Yes. They took heroes, which they did not take yet. Maybe they were in the band, but I have not seen Apparition yet. They also wanted to play Faceless Void, and AA is good against him.

  • – In tournaments there are different problems, for example, with food. How do you in this regard EPICENTER – and the group part in the hotel, and the playoffs in the arena?

– The “Epicenter” everything is fine. Not a single major problem has arisen. If something is not right, you just say it, and it’s decided. There is always something to eat and where to go. You feel very free.

  • – Are you already close to the optimal form before The International or can you still add?

– We can add more, and strongly. All players get better every day, like the team. [Now] we are 70-80% of our capabilities, so there is still room for improvement.

  • – Your next rivals, Evil Geniuses, showed a phenomenal game in the group. What can you tell us about them before the match?

– We played against EG recently, on Dota Pit. They play very strongly, they have unique strategies. EG do everything they want, perform aggressively. They are very difficult to understand, we will try to find their weaknesses.

  • – You had a difficult group in which you showed yourself well: you won three games and lost to LGD.FY. Did you prepare for it or did not expect that it would shoot?

– Nobody knew that this would happen, they did not show anything before the tournament. We did not know that LGD.FY is so good at it. They know how to play, this is a very strong team. Already entered the top 4 – let’s see how they will play with G2A [the interview was taken before the match VP c Team Liquid, in which VP lost by 1:2 – approx. Ed.].

  • – In your group there were Natus Vincere, who could not perform well. What did they not do against you and the tournament in general?

– I think they played against us better than against the rest, they took more standard characters. I have my own reasons why Na’Vi does not work, but I prefer not to voice them.