Coach Natus Vincere G2A Andrew “Andi” Prokhorov commented on the unsuccessful performance of the team in an interview with the team portal. He told about the mistakes made in online matches, about the departure from the group on the DreamHack Tours 2017 and preparation for the LAN-final of the ESL Pro League S5.

About the decisive matches at ESL Pro League S5

“To admit, the loss [Team on Overpass] was a big surprise for me, as there were no fears on the eve of the match. I was getting ready to prepare for the game, and individually and collectively – the players. The French have played at the limit, as felt, and more than deservedly won. At the time of the game with mousesports, this team scored an impressive form, mostly for the ESL Pro League. We, in turn, experienced a decline in the game, associated with a number of factors. I do not see the need to dehydrate: they themselves not only did not play their game, but also sagged individually. Of course, this is the fault of the coach. Despite the fact that the game [with Heroic] was very important for us, even defining, I can not say that I felt pressure.

Realized that you need to win two cards and achieve the result. I think that the defeat on the first map is a consequence of the same wave of difficulties encountered after the SLTV in Kiev. <…> In general, I liked the team’s work on cobblestone, because they significantly increased, compared with the same overpass. I can share that during the draw of the card we did not know whether we would leave the band, including additional rounds. When they pulled out the victory, they learned that they could pass the qualification. “

About DreamHack Tours 2017

“Leaving France disappointed, I still smiled, as an unsatisfactory result forced me to look at the big picture from a different angle. That is, I think this tournament has become very useful for us – there are such defeats, after which you become stronger, if you stumble, you can rise, correctly tune and soberly analyze what happened. It’s good that this happened before our performance in Dallas, Cologne and Krakow. First of all, it concerns the global construction of the game and its picture, which I want to see. For a while I was so carried away by the details that I did not pay enough attention to the overall picture. Got an invaluable experience in France, now I want to get up and continue the fight. “