During reshafla in the team of The Alliance for Dota 2 there will be no changes. This was reported by the official Twitter of the organization. December 26 – the last day to avoid extra players from the rosters at the registration site.

Changes in the Swedish team took place in September 2016. “Golden composition” left Gustav “s4” Magnusson, Henrik «AdmiralBulldog» Anberg and Joakim “Akke” Akterall. By Jonathan «Loda» Berg and Jerry «EGM» Jonas Lundqvist joined «jonassomfan» Lindholm, Linus «Limmp» Blomdin Simon «Handsken» Haag. The latest achievement was the victory of The Alliance on WellPlay Invitational # 6, where the team won 7 teams from Europe and CIS and has earned $ 3.5 thousand. Reshafl before the next major-tournament began on December 20.

Esports players may leave the team at the online registration trains until 27 December. After the teams will be able to recruit players until January 9th. From 10 January until the end of 2017 The Kiev Major withdrawal from the team will result in the loss of an invitation to the tournament or qualify.

Team members The Alliance:

  • Jonathan «Loda» Berg
  • Jerry «EGM» Lundqvist
  • Simon «Handsken» Haag
  • Linus «Limmp» Blomdin
  • Jonas «jonassomfan» Lindholm