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About Us

Here you can read. If you can read, ofc...

Who we are?

Hello, im 48 year man from Somalia. Sorry for bad England. I selled my wife for internet connection

Hey there! To begin with, it’s a good idea to mention that we play games and sometimes even play for beer in our office on Friday night gachigasm. When we get tired of coding and marketing, we head to Twitch to spam some "Pepe’s" on Forsen’s stream, post a pasta on HLTV forum, or check out some live cybersport event. "Sometimes we superglue our thumbs to our nipples and pretend we are T-rexes." We hate bad code, frauders, internet lag, express bets, coefficients, and Balenciaga clothing. Among esports disciplines, we love Counter-Strike and DoTA 2 the most, and that is one of the reasons we call ourselves MidBet. Someone follows Liquid, someone Na’Vi, and someone is almost at his 50s, so he follows the local curling team. What are we doing? We are tired of slow and outdated betting websites, lack of innovation in the industry, and eyesore commercials featuring coefficients everywhere. Simply put, we are same blood with you KappaPride, and that is why we decided to build a website where you can enjoy turning your esports knowledge into cash and simply have a good betting experience with no bullshit. To make all this possible we have integrated or plan to integrate live streaming for our events, blind bets, gamification elements, and different social features PogChamp.

About Pool Betting

This is about the specification. MidBet specializes in pool betting. It might sound too complicated for someone, but in fact, it’s even simpler than the word «specification» and certainly simpler than the coefficient system. Let’s imagine that you have a CS: GO match. As usual, we have two teams and two outcomes to bet on. However, the betting principle is completely different from a classic approach. For every outcome, we provide a «pool.» Pool is a total amount of bets placed for each outcome. When a bet wins, all players that have made this bet get a share of the opposite pool proportionally to the size of their bets while we take a commission from each pool. Our betting mechanism also means the potential payoff of your wager is not fixed until the betting is closed. This betting method also supports the third outcome for non-standard cybersport situations such as draws. This means players play against each other and not against the house. Shortly put, it’s easy, it’s convenient and trendy. "Nuff said."

Our Goals

We already mentioned that we love e-sports, right? Well, we got a bunch of fellows that actually care about what is going on the industry and people who dream about making a cool product for those who care about e-sports too. Not another betting website for kids where they can deposit their CS: GO skins. We at MidBet are aimed at positive changes in the industry and want other developers to do excellent client-oriented products too… (It’s a joke, we don’t wanna strong competitors, right? 4head) And only from you, we want to hear honest feedback regarding the product BlessRNG. Write to our support or tag us in social networks and tell us what you think about and can we do better, while we focus on our world conquest plan. If you are reading this, we already know each other a bit better. Nice to meet you, play fair and Spam DXCat this DXCat Cat DXCat to DXCat help DXCat MidBet!